Jun 1, 2010

Eminem Live On Skyrock Radio (Interview) [Full Radio Rip]

I Was Recording The Full Skyrock Interview As Promised... The Video With More Pics Coming Soon... For Now Here's The Full Audio MP3 Interview

Download: Part 1

Download: Part 2

Edited: Here's The Full Traduction Of The Interview... Hands Up Elliott

Romano(Skyrock host) sings Eminem’s Not Afraid. Terrible performance. Off beat.
Eminem says the video is coming soon. Saturday. He says the video is full of metaphors. Lots of symbols. Being in the dark place.
Rihanna fainted the last time she came to the radio station. Em says he almost fainted too.
50 did an arm wrestling match with Difool(Skyrock host). 50 lost. Em says Difool got big muscles but he points Difool’s dick. Pause.
Em and 50 spoke the other day during 50′s show in Detroit.
Em saw 50′s pictures, he said he doesnt if he can give details about his role.
Marie(Skyrock host) wants to see Em’s penis. Pause.
Em talks about Wayne(one of the greatest of the game) Pink(she got added to the song afterwards), Rihanna.
Em only wants to learn cuss words.
They ask Em if he knows how to say Vagina, Grab Me.
They all love Eminem. Little flirt going on.
Three shows planned in Europe but not France. They ask Paul Rosenberg, he’s ducking the question. Romano cries.
They ask Em to sing, he declines.
They play the french version, Not Afraid aka Suces Mes Boules( suck my nuts).
They speak about salty balls…Soccer World Cup.

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