Jun 8, 2010

Exclusive: Recovery Production Credits

1. "Cold Wind Blows" [Prod. By Just Blaze]
2. "Talkin' 2 Myself" (featuring Kobe) [Prod. By DJ Khalil]
3. "On Fire" [Prod. By Mr. Porter]
4. "Won't Back Down" (featuring Pink) [Prod. By DJ Khalil]
5. "W.T.P." [Prod. By Supa Dups]
6. "Going Through Changes" [Prod. By Emile]
7. "Not Afraid" [Prod. By Boi-1da]
8. "Seduction" [Prod. By Boi-1da]
9. "No Love" (featuring Lil Wayne) [Prod. By Just Blaze]
10. "Space Bound" [Prod. By Jim Jonsin]
11. "Cinderella Man" [Prod. By Script Shepherd]
12. "25 to Life" [Prod. By DJ Khalil]
13. "So Bad" [Prod. By Dr. Dre]
14. "Almost Famous" [Prod. By DJ Khalil]
15. "Love the Way You Lie" (featuring Rihanna) [Prod. By Alex Da Kid]
16. "You're Never Over" [Prod. By Just Blaze]
17. "Here We Go"(Untitled) [Prod. By Havoc]

Here We Go... Exclusive Credits... We Got It First... Thank Us Now Ha!