Jul 21, 2010

Update: Eminem's Live from Openair Frauenfeld Mixtape Coming This Friday + Official Cover

Here's The Artwork from The Official Mixtape Hosted By FDL, That Will Drop This Friday 30, July At 3PM!...

I Finished The Mixtape That Sounds Really Good Except Maybe 1 Or 2 Tracks Because It Hard Make The Best Sound. But It's Really Done And I Checked It With Beats By Dre... #Crazy

Here's The Official Tracklist:

1. Won't Back Down
2. 3am
3. Square Dance
4. W.T.P.
5. Kill You
6. No Love
7. So Bad
8. Cleanin' Out My Closet
9. The Way I Am
10. When The Music Stops
11. Under The Influence
12. Fight Music
13. Purple Pills
14. My Band
15. Airplanes Part II
16. Stan
17. Sing For The Moment & Like Toy Soldiers
18. Forever
19. 'Till I Collapse & Cinderella Man
20. Superman
21. Beautiful
22. Crack A Bottle
23. My Name Is
24. The Real Slim Shady
25. Without Me
26. Not Afraid
27. Lose Yourself

Remember, You Can't Miss The Best Live Mixtape Ever After Voodoo Mixtape That I Dropped Last Year... Stay Tuned!

Update: It Finally Coming This 30 July Because My Computer Crashed And I Have Been Working More On It To Make It Sounds Better... Trust Me The Wait Really Deserves It...

Jul 20, 2010

Updated: Eminem: Live from Openair Frauenfeld Mixtape Coming Soon

My Third Official Mixtape Will Drop Really Soon... It's The Official Show Live from Openair Frauendeld... Before The GameOver2, I'll Drop This Mixtape Like The Old Times When I Dropped The Voodoo Mixtape Still Available On HHP...

The Quality Of The Live Performances Is Amazing... I Mean It's So Much Better Than Anything Out And I'm Actually Mastering It Tonite So You Won't Have To Wait Too Much :D!

The Final Release Date Coming Tomorrow Along The Official Cover At 3PM!!!!

Tracklist To Be Confirmed...

All Live Mixtape... Get Ready... Latest Information About Eminem That It's Now Shooting Love The Way You Lie Video At My Twitter...

Update: I'm Mixing It... Almost Done...