Apr 14, 2010

FDL Presents: The Game Over Official Cover + Coming Soon

We're Finishing The Project... The Only Thing That I Can Say... It's Amazing... You Can't Imagine The Tracks There...

Tracklist Is SURPRISE... The Mixtape Has Tracks From The Biggests Artists In This Game... Can U Say Detox?...

World Premieres From The Mixtape Arriving Soon... Full Mixtape Is Droppin' On Monday 19 April As Final Release Date... But A Eminem's Track Coming Before Mixtape Does.

Get Fucking Ready And Sorry For Delays But I'm Finishing This Mixtape To Be Perfect... Stay Tuned To (Twitter.com/FDL_) For The Latest Updates...



  1. we'll see.. hope its a final date)))....

  2. That's The Final Release Date... I'm Not Going To Convert This To The Next DIO7... But It Will Be The Best Mixtape Ever :)

  3. its comin monday i believe

  4. holy shyt man cant fucken wait i want airplanes 2 alrdy wit ems verse fuck cant wait for monday :)