Feb 20, 2010

Eminem WILL APPEAR On R.E.D. Album [Full Story]

The Game is all prepared to blast off with The Red Album. I am hearing Game himself is talking about doing his first single with Dr. Dre. Dre is also going to be producing about six of the songs, rumors say. The crazy thing is rumors are saying that Eminem may be on The Red Album. (AllHipHop.com) Game previously hinted a possible reunion on
his recent song, 'Better Days' “I’m just driving and thinking how I survived here, and I aint seen Dre and Eminem in 5 years”

The Game Post The Info In The MySpace And In His Official Page ThisIzGame

Stay Tuned For More Important News.

EDIT: Black Wall Street Artist ''Menace'' Confirms That Eminem Is On R.E.D. Album Yesterday In USTream. He Also Said That It's Pure Fire And He Was There When Game Recorded It.


  1. oh great.....now Eminem too...50 was Em's best artist....they were soooo tight together...I see this shit ain't lookin good for 50 at all...if Eminem goes against 50 n works wit Game...how fuked up is that....I'm sure all of u fags are happy that Em is workin wit Game so that 50 would get mad n shit....ur all pathetic!!!!!!