Jan 11, 2010

Dr. Dre’s ‘Detox’ Album Set For 2011 Release

A script for another huge push back of the mythical album has been written. Dr. Dre is featured in the Dimedrop section of the March Edition of SLAM Magazine. The interview is mainly about Basketball but as usual, the interviewer Konate Primus couldn’t resist asking the producer about the status of the album.

You can read the answer above properly, we’re looking at 2011. That's fucking crazy... No Detox...

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  1. So wheres this exclusive relapse 2 info? SHIIIITTT BLOG

  2. Josh, you pussy fuck, where is the diss you said was coming? You shook? Josh Hasselhoff trying to be a Hop-Hop Stan, gtfo. Go jump into a pile of rusty nails.

  3. The Relapse 2 Info Is Coming Here Soon...

    Some Haters With Anonymous Better Go Off My Site... Ha!

  4. Im lovin how u put HA! at the end of each thing! Shame how each fuckin thing is balls. Guess what people. Relapse 2 is coming soon! No shit.... fuckin pussy